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Picture by Katharina Alt

Picture by Katharina Alt


About ME

Who decides what is beautiful, fashionable or elegant?  The definition of beauty is very subjective, it is not what someone dictates for us. It is surely what we feel about the things that we see, we touch or smell. Anything that touches our senses, creates an emotion and makes us feel in tune with ourselves, is the only beauty that counts.

Understanding the client´s personality and taste is the most essential step towards a great design concept. It is teamwork, brainstorming and a creative process when the client and the designer come together. I know that everyone possesses creativity within themselves- sometimes it just needs to be steered in a sensible manner. 

The beautiful aspects of my profession are creating a vision together and embracing the growth to a perfect custom-made design.

D O W N L O A D : C V. & M I L E S T O N E S

Meaning of Tuana: the first raindrop in Paradise.